Our commitment

As a young and dynamic company, Sea Fresh is in the best position to know that it must act responsibly when it comes to natural sources, people and the environment. Sea Fresh is active on many fronts with the aim of improving the environment in which it operates and the partnership in Sri Lanka and the company’s efforts in working with tuna fishermen in the Philippines form just one example. Its activities go beyond just selling fish and that is something that forms an integral part of the company culture at Sea Fresh.

Sea Fresh started a project in 2010 in collaboration with Bell Seafood, WWF Germany and WWF Philippines for hand line caught yellowfin tuna from the Philippines. Goal is to support and train the local fisherman, build systems and support in management activities. This project has to lead to sustainable catch of tuna and a MSC certification in 2015. With the help of this project, thousands of Philippine families will be supported financially. For the people from Philippine and the future of yellowfin tuna, a very important project!

The tuna out of this project is already labeled as sustainable caught! A big supermarket chain in Holland is one of the selling parties.


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The project was co-financed by DEG with public funds of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.